Happy Friday!

How do you?...In response to my best friends blog post.

like to... wake up in the morning?

I don't.  haha.  Um...I like to be able to wake up on my own time.  I am not a morning person.  I like to snuggle with Vera (she's so sweet in the morning, she gives all her kisses, + lays on top of you).  I throw on my comfy robe, and go downstairs.  I have to eat breakfast.  I feel sick if I don't.  I like cereal (lucky charms) and I have to have my orange juice.  On a work day?  I hit the snooze every ten minutes for about an hour.  Then I have to drag myself outta bed.  I'll either throw yogurt + a bannana in my purse or eat a bowl of cereal/granola/oatmeal on the way to work.

...comfort yourself, or deal with stress?

I don't deal with stress well AT ALL.  I hate it.  I usually just breath really deep and let it out.  I just say to myself it's going to be over soon + it's fine.  I comfort myself by taking a bath, laying on the couch w/ pillows + a blanket, or drinking hot tea.

...pass the time away?

Sadly to say I watch a lot of tv.  I love to just get on the couch, lay down, and watch tv.  I also like to paint of course + draw.  Now I am getting into sewing so that takes up alot of time.  I like to look at other people's blogs + artists online.  I like reading books too.  Walking Vera.  Riding my bike. 

...come up with new ideas?

This question excites me the most.  I'd like to know how everyone comes up with new ideas.  It seems like mine just come to me naturally.  I get alot of ideas from magazines.  I used to get so many ideas from the Anthropologie catalog, but it seems like lately they haven't been as inspiring.  I love the magazines Lucky (fashion), Domino (home decorating,etc.), Everyday with Racheal Ray (sometimes), Stampington magazines (Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio), New American Paintings (art) and probably more.  I get ideas just from daily life.  I get alot of ideas when I travel places.  Looking at old photographs from my family + childhood.  When I was watching the series Planet Earth (now on HD dvd) I got alot of ideas.  The scenery is so beautiful + the animals (octopus, polar bears, etc.).  Shopping.  Things online.

...think of yourself?

I think highly of myself, haha.  I think I'm a great person.  I've been a good daughter + I hope to be a great mother.  I'm interesting.  I'm a unique.  I like to think that I walk to the step of my own beat.  I think I make a great parnter + friend.  I think I'm special.  I think at times I can be too critical.  I'm sensitive.  I pretty much wrote about my personality in the what makes me, me post.

...like to be spoiled or surprised?

oh yea.  I love to be spoiled + surprised.  As long as it is a good surprise.  I really don't like opening gifts though, because I'm afraid I won't like it.  Even if I really do like a gift I don't really show that much emotion/facial expression.  I love to get little love notes.  I love to get surprises in the mail + mail art :]  I like to be treated special + appreciated. 

...spoil yourself?

I like to get my hair done.  I've only had a massage twice.  I love getting new art supplies, there's nothing better!  New watercolor colors, paintbrushes, etc.  I also spoil myself with new purses, I just got a new yellow Fossil one that I'm breaking out this weekend.  New books- that's a big one.  I love getting new books.  I love amazon.com.  I have a wish list, and when I'm in the mood for treating myself I'll get one.  Candy + desserts.  Going on trips.  I'm going to Europe in May for almost 3 weeks!!! It's going to be so great + spoiling myself everyday.  I'm planning on blogging daily + posting many pics.  I am going to about 10 diff. countries.  (I'll blog more about this when it gets a little closer).

Any more questions anyone wants to know about me feel free to ask :]

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